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Top 10 Compliance Solution Companies - 2021

The financial compliance standards are most essential in the financial ecosystem today as it is viewed as the key source in sustaining public trust in the banking system. Together with the technological breakthroughs and digitalization trends, the risks and the challenges affecting the security of the financial world have started to get more serious. Therefore, the regulations to cover and prevent potential financial crimes have been stricter than ever before. However, technology also has the empowering side to offer the most effective solutions to the financial institutions in dealing with demanding compliance standards and offering the most secure and gratifying service to the consumer of the digitalization age.

RegTech (Regulatory Technology) has entered the financial industry landscape to manage compliance-related activities and continuously keep financial institutions and FinTechs aware of regulatory developments. RegTech's cloud-based architecture has become crucial in satisfying dynamic regulatory requirements, as it increases financial institutions' overall operational efficiency through benefits such

as scalability, cost-effectiveness, security, and adaptability. RegTech allows the most comprehensive, functional, and effective regulatory compliance possible by leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics. Furthermore, AI and ML are critical for detecting potentially harmful financial activities and limiting false positives. Financial institutions that employ AI technology enhance the overall quality of their business by assuring client satisfaction while adhering to regulatory regulations.

To help leaders choose the solution that best fits their requirements, Financial Services Review has compiled lists of the most promising compliance solution providers and compliance service companies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Financial Services Review’s ‘Top 10 Compliance Solution Providers - 2021.

    Top Compliance Solution Companies

  • Reciprocity not only offers compliance frameworks but also captures data around business assets that contribute to the framework to present an immediate set of risks being exposed.

  • Taxback International operates in the Fintech sector and is a global provider of automated VAT Compliance and VAT reclaim solutions, working with companies of all sizes to streamline and automate their global VAT obligations and maximize their global reclaim

  • SDDco Group

    SDDco Group

    The SDDCO Group is a full-service accounting firm that specialises in accounting, regulatory compliance, and brokerage advising. Financial services firms are suffocating under the weight of industry regulations and year-round reporting requirements. SDDco Group alleviates back office burdens through a comprehensive portfolio of outsourcing and consulting services. Their knowledgeable accountants and consultants work both on- and off-site to meet each client's unique needs

  • CreditRiskMonitor


    CreditRiskMonitor is a publishing firm that specializes in credit analysis, scores, and news for businesses. Their breadth of coverage includes 57,000 global public companies with a combined revenue of approximately $69.3 trillion. Additionally, they provide industry-leading accuracy solutions for assessing financial risk in private companies. Leading corporations worldwide – including over 35% of the Fortune 1000 and thousands more – rely on to stay ahead of financial risk quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively

  •'s unified Value Stream Platform is built on value stream management. It combines innovative technologies in agile planning, application protection, software delivery, and artificial intelligence. enables the connection of software development and delivery efforts to strategic business outcomes and the creation of trusted digital experiences

  • F.A.C.T.


    Compliance cannot be overlooked or relegated to a supporting role. Financial tracking systems are designed to keep track of as many transactions as possible and to keep track of hundreds of thousands of records each week. Additionally, many of the manual processes generate thousands of additional records on a weekly basis. It is not humanly possible to manually analyse each transaction, and no business should attempt to cut corners in this critical area of compliance

  • MIAC Analytics

    MIAC Analytics

    Since 1989, MIAC has been the preferred destination for mortgage industry professionals. MIAC is truly a one-of-a-kind analytical solutions provider, able to provide end-to-end solutions for whole loan and mortgage risk management, including origination risks, delivery risks, MSR risks, and portfolio risks


    Pelican AI brings together the brightest minds in artificial intelligence, financial crime compliance, and real-time payment processing to build more effective solutions for banks, FinTechs, and corporations. Pelican is a reputable and well-established provider of payments and compliance solutions, with formal accreditations, certifications, and recognition from industry organisations. These include SWIFT certification for Cash Management and Treasury solutions, EBAClearing provider status for Frontrunner solutions, and TRUSTe privacy assurance validation

  • RegEd


    Founded in 2000 by former regulators, the company is known for its constant regulatory technology innovation, with solutions that feature workflow-driven procedures, data integration, regulatory intelligence, automated validations, business process automation, and compliance dashboards. The aggregate achieves the greatest levels of operational efficiency and helps our clients to comply with requirements

  • Silent Eight

    Silent Eight

    Silent Eight is a technology company that uses artificial intelligence to build customised compliance models for the world's largest financial institutions. Silent Eight was founded with the goal of assisting in the resolution of a global issue: the human cost of financial crime. The stakes are particularly high today, as the number of victims of human trafficking, terrorist financing, and money laundering continues to rise. Meanwhile, bad actors continue to be cunning and inventive in their attempts to evade detection. Their mission is to develop a technology solution that will prevent them from participating in the global economy and profiting from the most vulnerable. They are honoured to assist our clients in their ongoing efforts to make the world a safer place

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